Looking Forward (source: The Telegraph)

Transiting Saturn is about to form a trine with my natal Jupiter. The aspect is within orb for about a month, and then it recurs during Saturn’s retrograde throughout the summer. Early next year, the ringed planet makes its final pass over the degree where this beneficial aspect is exact. This final alignment will be shorter-lived than the first two because Saturn will be moving much more rapidly through the zodiac at that time.

This is a good aspect for someone like me. I don’t try to dwell upon my mistakes, but I’m a Capricorn with a Cancer moon, so it’s in my nature to move forward with one eye on the past and one on the future. A trine between these planetary heavyweights is supposed to provide me with good foresight. My horoscope on astro.com offers the following interpretation of the event:

“This is a time of balance and order in your life. You may have to work hard for financial gain, but at least your affairs are in order. Your business or professional life is well organized, and you should be making steady progress toward your goals. The gains you make at this time are not strokes of luck, they are the solid results of good organization.

Your greatest asset at this time is that you can see clearly how various parts of your life are working out. You understand the rules, and you are willing to play by them. Your attitude toward life is pragmatic and practical. You are more than usually willing to accept a situation as it is while working patiently to improve it. You are now in a position to make important choices that will greatly affect your future.

Your employers, bosses and other authority figures can help you out now. At other times these people may have seemed to be obstacles to your advancement, but now they are extremely willing to help. This is in part because you make it clear that they will gain by helping you. You are much more capable now of real give-and-take than you have been at other times. When others see this, they are more willing to work on your team.

Older persons may provide opportunities for real insight into your life. From the perspective of their age, you can see how to improve your own life and help it grow.

This is a time to consolidate and buttress various aspects of your life. Put aside money for the future, invest or buy life insurance. Make peace with the difficult aspects of your life or with those people who are potential sources of trouble. In the not-too-distant future it will be difficult to deal with the loose ends you leave now. You have enough foresight now to see this and make the necessary adjustments.”

I’ve published a couple of posts over the last few days that describe how happy I am when I’ve got planets transiting my sixth house. There is something very Virgo-like about my character and the way in which I embrace orderliness. This transit of Saturn to Jupiter is something that will not only increase my fondness for the “pragmatic and practical,” but it will also allow me to thrive in situations where I am expected to bring order to chaos. I believe that is a talent of mine, and it’s something I already bring to every job I have.

The notion that I’ll actually be feeling the effects of this transit for several weeks over the next ten months pleases me in ways I can barely describe. So many of the long-term transits that I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of years have been productive in a less-tangible sense. This transit is something I can take to the bank if I make the most of it. I hope that I can! I don’t want the universe to throw another wrench in my plans (like a global pandemic). But as far as I can see at the moment, my future looks bright.

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