“I Walk Alone” (source: IMDB)

Yesterday, I published a post about all the conjunctions and oppositions that were simultaneously occurring in my horoscope. Some were annual events that I am accustomed to dealing with this time of year, like Mercury conjoining my natal Chiron. But a couple of those transits were unusual in the fact that they mirrored a configuration within my natal chart almost identically.

I was born with Mars and Venus very close together in Aquarius. The two planets sit side by side in my fourth house. Within exactly one hour yesterday, each of those planets returned to their natal positions.

At that time, I was with my family — something that hasn’t happened a lot during the pandemic. However, I really was not in the mood to be with anyone. All day yesterday, I just wanted to get away from it all. At one point, I actually discussed my solo trip to Las Vegas in September and admitted to my family that going away by myself last October was the most satisfying holiday I had ever experienced.

This morning, I was reminded of that again when I read a blog post from a few years ago where I described deserting my friends during another trip to Las Vegas so that I could spend a few hours by myself.

That all got me thinking about what I might have learned from this unusual alignment of the planets (a lesson that is still going on today when Mercury opposes my natal Uranus in a few hours from now). I’ve come to the conclusion that this conjunction between Mars and Venus in my horoscope has made me into this independent character. I’m definitely not an anti-social person — no one who knows me would say that about me — but I definitely “walk alone” in the world and I am completely fine with that. There’s just nothing that satisfies me quite like getting away from everyone else.

It’s interesting that I’ve never owned a car. When I have to go places, like the gym where I work, I usually walk. That time by myself is the time of day I value the most, along with the time when I get up early just to be alone with my thoughts. I’ve been an early-riser since I was a teenager just because I could spend the mornings alone without anyone bugging me. This has been happening my entire life, but only now am I starting to understand that it is a feature of my personality and not a defect of my character. I don’t need to apologize to anyone because I like my own company so much.

I’m a loner, but I’m not lonely. Sure, I’d like more friends and a more active social life — who doesn’t feel that way after the pandemic? But I’m perfectly content walking alone in the world.

Don’t tell my cats. They might take it the wrong way . . .

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