This post from a few years ago about how much I hate contrived romance makes me laugh. I definitely was in a mood the day I wrote this!

Star Struck Style

46-emily-didonato-and-kyle-peterson-weddingEmily DiDonato (source: Vogue)

February 24 is Emily DiDonato’s birthday.

If you don’t know Emily DiDonato’s name, you probably know her face. Her Acqua Di Gioia perfume ads for Giorgio Armani are some of the most iconic images in modern fashion history. I didn’t know much about the model, so I looked her up and I discovered that she was married last summer. “Vogue” has a series of lovely photos from her wedding in Colorado. It was an event, to say the least.

That got me thinking about how much I hate weddings and the notion of staged romance in general. Curiously, just before logging onto my blog to write this post, I was on Facebook cracking a joke about how much I hate the movie “Love Actually.”

I was surprised to discover that Emily DiDonato shares my Cancer moon. I know that a lot of astrologers believe that…

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