Rest and Relaxation (source: Forbes)

I published a post yesterday entitled “Venus Wins” that describes how Venus seems to be overriding the influence of Mars in my horoscope as the two planets simultaneously travel through the zodiac. Today, I feel even more convinced that Venus is not only winning, but blowing away the competition.

I’m feeling completely decadent right now. I don’t want to go to work. All I can think about is going for my massage tomorrow morning. I’m not feeling lazy, and I’m not lacking in energy. I just want to kick back and tune out the noise. I’d be pleased to be left to my own devices for a couple of days. I want to be the person in the photo I posted above.

As these two planets move away from my sun, they will begin to move into a trine with my natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction and a sextile with my natal Chiron (three heavenly bodies that form a very important axis in my horoscope). That makes me wonder if I’ll feel different this weekend. I actually get an extra day off on Monday, so it’s a long weekend for me. Will I still want to make my time all about me once my natal sun is taken out of this configuration? Or will the transiting sun’s ingress into my fifth house tomorrow give me a cosmic kick in the ass that allows me to make the most out of this extended version of a typically significant yet typically short-lived transit?

I guess that I’ll find out soon enough. It’s interesting to see how this unique situation is affecting me, and I’m happy to be keeping a record of this astrological event here on my blog. This is not how I thought this would work out.

How is the Venus/Mars conjunction affecting you? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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  1. I’m not sure if it was the conjunction, maybe the Ukraine situation? (Or one determining over the other?) Anyway Sunday and Monday I had some sense of forboding, which I assumed to be linked to going away on Thursday, a rare event in recent months. But this lifted on Tuesday, yesterday, so I’m not really sure what to make of it. Not much help, sorry.


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