“Blonde Venus” (source: criterion.com)

Venus and Mars conjoined my sun almost simultaneously yesterday. For the next few weeks, they’ll be travelling in tandem. Normally, Venus speeds through the zodiac when compared to Mars. However, it’s just finished its retrograde cycle and it won’t pick up the pace until mid-March.

Curiously, I feel remarkably passive and quite decadent today. I booked a massage for Thursday morning. I’ve already decided that I’m going to take myself out for lunch this afternoon. If I was the sort of person who took personal days at work just to lay around and do nothing, I’d take a personal day just to lay around and do nothing.

Of course, I am feeling Mars’ influence, too. My energy levels are good and I’m not avoiding physical activity. I’m just feeling Venus’ influence that much more, and that explains my current state of mind.

As a Capricorn with Libra rising, this all makes a lot of sense. Mars is a lot less significant in my natal chart than a lot of other planets. Its influence is muted already, and in its current configuration, it seems to be muted even more by Venus.

Oh well! I thought that this conjunction might make me more passionate about something, but the only thing it seems to be doing today is making me wish that I was on vacation. I’ll see if that changes when these two planets pass over my IC in a couple of weeks from now.

At the moment, Venus is winning in a way that makes me feel as if Mars never stood a chance.

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