Aquarius (source: Britannica)

I’ve been discussing myself incessantly on this blog for a while now. I always have done that, but sometimes I would pepper my posts with the occasional celebrity profile or a general-knowledge article about a specific sign. Lately, it’s been nothing but me, me, me! Just a moment ago, however, I decided that I should write something about Aquarius now that the sun is more than halfway through the sign. For that reason, I went back through several of my posts on this blog and I discovered that I have said a lot of erudite things about the eleventh sign of the zodiac.

Nevertheless, I did stop to think about all the Aquarius friends I have had over the years. If I had to list half a dozen of the Aquarius natives who have played important roles in my life, only two of them maintain up-to-date profiles on social media. Curiously, one of those two refuses to own a cell phone. That’s sort of weird, isn’t it?

I can cite an almost endless stream of blog posts where I call Aquarians “contrarians,” so we can all be sure that I am not the one who has perpetuated this rumor that Aquarius natives are the zodiac’s social animals and masters of social media. But it is a pervasive myth that anyone born under the sign of the water bearer thrives in social settings. What I’ve discovered by looking back on most of the Aquarius natives with whom I have had close relationships is this: many of them choose to buck the trends no matter what the trends happen to be. They viewed social media as a passing fad just as it became a pervasive part of our culture, and for that reason they have been left behind in the era of electronic media.

I suppose that this isn’t happening with the younger crowd, but it could be. I don’t know enough young people to make that declaration. Yet going over this matter in my head makes me believe that I’m right when I declare that the most stubborn people I have ever met have either Aquarius or Leo as a sun sign. Taurus natives get a bad rap for being inflexible, but in my experience there are far more intransigent individuals born under these other two signs.

What do you think? Don’t answer that if you’re an Aquarius because I already know that you’re not going to agree . . .

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  1. Ha! I’ve been using the word ‘contrary’ in my muddling with an Aquarian this month, and there you’ve gone and personified it! I feel better now.


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