Madonna (source: YouTube)

Today in weird coincidences . . .

So, I was watching the finale of “Drag Race Italia” the other day and I found myself fascinated by one member of the Pit Crew who was also one of the dancers on the show. Usually, those roles are played by totally different guys. Anyway, the one guy who impressed me the most with his moves had tattoos on his thighs that read “EXPRESS YOURSELF” on one leg, and “DON’T REPRESS YOURSELF” on the other. Of course, that’s a reference to Madonna’s “Human Nature” — my favorite Madonna video of all time.

That was on December 23, exactly at the same time that retrograde Uranus was forming a square to my natal Mars. I hadn’t been paying much attention to that transit because of other things happening in my horoscope, so I didn’t even realize that it was going on. This morning, I decided to look up the interpretation of the twice-in-a-lifetime event on “Cafe Astrology.” Here’s what it said:

“Passions and anger that you may not even know you had emerge during this transit. They do come from somewhere, from deep within you, but Uranus awakens them in such a dramatic manner that it can be hard to identify with them at first. Uranus urges us to let go and express ourselves in the areas of life it touches. Mars rules our anger, assertion, sexuality — essentially our desire nature. With a transiting square from Uranus to Mars, we begin to get things off our chest whether we wanted to or not. All of that anger ‘slush’ that has been accumulating inside you surfaces. You begin to assert your independence, sometimes in ways that seem alarming to those around us. It is an excellent time for people who don’t normally assert themselves, although it can seem alarming at first. Also, this apparently sudden personality change can alienate a few people, especially if you act like there are no consequences. You have spurts of energy, and you can be temperamental with your productivity or output. Although accidents are not a ‘given’ with this transit, they are more likely than usual, especially if your activities and your energy levels are erratic. You may experience an ‘awakening’ of sorts with regards to sexuality. This can be quite positive, but take care not to be too impulsive or insensitive with those you care about as you express your newfound desires.”

What’s interesting to me is that I did express myself at work the very next day. I told my boss that he was lucky to have me, but that his luck was about to run out because I’m not going to stick around for the meager salary I’m making. I never do anything like that!

I guess I’ll see what happens now that I’ve expressed my interest in doing anything else but what I’m doing. I can be such a rock — the one person that everyone can rely upon — that my sudden assertiveness probably came as a surprise to both him and his boss, but now that I realize what was going on in my own chart, I’m not surprised at all.

Since this is the retrograde pass of Uranus over this degree, I should go back through my blog posts to figure out what I was feeling the first time these planets lined up in this manner. I suppose I could also look back to when this square formed forty-two years ago or so. Was I feeling the same way when I was a pubescent kid? This is something I need to investigate because it seems to having a greater impact on the way I’m feeling than most Uranus transits, although I have experienced the erratic, unexpected influence of the planet before.

Stay tuned for updates . . .

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