Horse Bit (source: The Spruce Pets)

Some pleasant planetary alignments might make this feel like a weekend to get things done. However, underlying anxiousness or impatience can have many of us champing at the bit, as the old adage goes. On that note, don’t put the cart before the horse now, either.

This coming Monday, both Jupiter and Mercury go direct. Jupiter’s station in Aquarius is likely the thing that is making many of us feel as if we’ve been pent up for too long. I often use another phrase derived from horse husbandry to describe Jupiter’s influence: unbridled enthusiasm. For a few more days, that bridle needs to remain in place.

Even Monday itself might not be the best time to gallop off in a new direction. Mercury’s station is typically a time when the worst of a Mercury retrograde is evident. The travel delays and miscommunications we associate with the planet’s retrograde phase are often at their worst just before the planet resumes direct motion. Where I live, we have a municipal election that day. I wouldn’t be surprised to see technical issues or other similar problems arising during this civic horse race. By Tuesday, we should all start to feel as if we’re back in the saddle again, so try to curb your enthusiasm for a few more days.

Now if you’ll excuse, I need to hoof it . . .

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