Pendulum (

I feel as if I’m on the upswing right now.

Looking at my chart, I’ve got three planets traveling retrograde in my fourth house: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. That is something that I have been complaining about for ages on this blog. But over the next four weeks, all three of those planets will return to direct motion. Perhaps I’m sensing a change in the atmosphere as they all appear to stop moving, sort of like a pendulum as it temporarily hovers at one end of its range of motion.

At the same time, current events have me feeling optimistic. Yesterday’s federal election in Canada saw my astrological twin, Justin Trudeau, return to the office of Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the terrible Premier of the province where I live is rumored to be facing a leadership review. And yesterday at work, we started to operate under a policy that does not allow unvaccinated people to enter the facility.

All those things happened while the transiting north node was conjoining my natal north node: a rare, fateful event. If the universe was showing me a glimpse of how the next eighteen years would unfold for me, I’ll take it. It was a good day, full of promise.

Still, I don’t really believe that I should put too much stock in my nodal return. Jupiter is actually forming a trine with my natal Jupiter as it stations in Aquarius: an aspect that should be making me see opportunities where they may not exist. That’s okay, though, because I would rather feel hopeful than hopeless.

So, here’s hoping that I really am on the upswing. I guess I’ll know soon enough. October is going to be an interesting month!

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