Fred van Leer (source: Decider)

September 18 is Fred van Leer’s birthday. I almost missed it!

I try to keep my opinions about the foreign-language versions of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to myself because not everyone has the same kind of access to the shows as I do (I have subscriptions to both Crave Canada and World of Wonder). Inevitably, I publish something about an episode, or post something on social media, and someone cries “Thanks for spoiling the whole season for me!”

Anyway, the finale of “Drag Race Holland” is almost here and I haven’t even mentioned it on this blog, even though the Dutch version is my favorite of all the international versions. It’s unapologetically regional, yet as slick as the original (I’m looking at you, Spain). Also, it has the best after-show in the “Drag Race” universe: “Review met Sederginne.”

A big reason that I adore the show is Fred van Leer. He’s quite hilarious, and I wasn’t surprised to discover that he’s a Virgo because he brings some of Michelle Visage’s picky Virgo nature to the role of the show’s host and main judge. Also like Michelle Visage, he experienced a major style upgrade after his first season on the panel. I read that Envy Peru, the winner of Season 1, is doing Fred’s makeup now.

With the third season of “Drag Race UK” about to premiere, and another Canadian season just around the corner, I should probably try to write a little bit more about the zodiac signs of the contestants because it drives so much traffic to my blog. Because both of those versions of the show are easy to access in this part of the world, I probably won’t have to deal with people complaining that I’m ruining everything for them. Plus, I enjoy seeing how the different signs relate to one another in the fishbowl environment of a reality TV show. Also, it’s been easier to verify the birthdays of the contestants because World of Wonder, the production company responsible for the franchise, actually publishes birthday wishes the queens on its social media pages. I don’t have to go down the rabbit hole trying to double-check my work.

So, maybe I’ll try to discuss more of these girls in the future. I need something to talk about besides myself, and fashion is giving me the same old, same old as the designers try to return to a world that existed before the pandemic rather than showing me something new (I’m looking at you, London Fashion Week). At least the drag queens are still trying to excite me . . .

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