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Every little thing is bugging me today.

I had a look at my horoscope and I’ve concluded that the combination of Mars entering my twelfth house and Mercury exiting my twelfth house has something to do with the way I’m feeling. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, twelfth-house transits can bring on a self-pitying mood and a persecution complex. Right now, I feel as if I can’t catch a break and I just want someone to blame for my misfortune. But I know that’s not true, so I just have to remind myself that the sun will come out tomorrow, just like Little Orphan Annie did.

Another thing that happens tomorrow is that Mercury actually conjoins my ascendant early in the morning. That excites me because it’s going to be in my first house for a while before it slips back into my twelfth house in a few weeks from now. By that time, all the other planets transiting that part of my chart will have moved forward.

I don’t believe that I’m normally as bothered by twelfth-house transits as I have been this year, but that probably has something to do with the fact that my fourth house is also full of planets. I’ve got a lot of action occurring in the more-introspective parts of my chart, and I’m not at my best when the universe turns my focus inward.

So, I guess I only have to wait until tomorrow to snap out of this mood. I could probably help myself along by drinking the bottle of Costco sangria I have in the fridge. That seems like a twelfth-house thing to do, and tomorrow will get here a little faster if I pass out, right?

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