Later this morning, Jupiter moves back into Aquarius until December 28. This post I published last year gives me a little hope about where society might be headed in 2021.

Star Struck Style

Jupiter (source: Wired)

Hot on the heels of Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, Jupiter has entered the sign, too.

While Saturn was quite comfortable in Capricorn, Jupiter was not. Curiously, one of the biggest stories of 2020 was how we dealt with our freedoms being restricted. With both planets moving into a sign where they are both comfortable, the changes are already being felt. People are being vaccinated against COVID-19. We can finally see ourselves getting back to normal.

However, there’s nothing “normal” about Jupiter in Aquarius. As it transits the sign, the planet inspires us to find opportunity off the beaten track. Saturn’s influence restrains us so that we don’t gallop off in a particular direction without considering where we are going. Intellect informs our journey instead of intuition, instinct or emotion.

That’s a fairly optimistic forecast! What’s interesting is that when Jupiter moves into Pisces for a brief…

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