Burst Bubble (source: New Scientist)

I’m feeling kind of paranoid about my vacation in October. I really want to go away, but who knows what’s going to happen with international travel restrictions now that so many idiots are choosing not to get vaccinated.

Of course, the full moon arrives this evening not far from the same point in my fourth house that was highlighted in December when Jupiter and Saturn formed the Great Conjunction. When I look back to the posts I was publishing then, many of them were outbursts toward the sort of people who were prolonging the pandemic (and my travel plans) by behaving like selfish morons, and leaving me stuck at home in the middle of a cold, Canadian winter.

So, I’m not exactly sure if I’m getting a cosmic reality check right now, or if I’m just feeling the more irrational side of this full moon. Should I have waited to book my flight to Las Vegas, or am I just letting the echo chamber of the American news cycle make me paranoid about my plans?

I guess I’ll know soon enough. All I know is that I don’t want fate to burst my bubble again. I’m feeling so good about myself lately and the way I am conducting myself that I don’t want another setback to fuck things up. I also don’t want to feel as if this brand new Leo season is going to be wasted upon worrying over what other people do to feed their egos. I need to look out for Number One right now. The unvaccinated can fuck things up for themselves. I’ll reserve my compassion for those people who deserve it.

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