Obstacle (source: INLP Center)

I’ve got a couple things happening in my horoscope tomorrow that have me worried. First, transiting Mercury opposes my natal sun. That’s an aspect that can lead to disputes because I may perceive any opposition to me as a threat to my ego. Of course, Mercury transits are short-lived unless the planet is stationary, so I shouldn’t have much to worry about. I’ll just try to keep my ego in check tomorrow evening.

However, Saturn is also going to make its retrograde pass over my natal Mars. It’s been hovering in the same spot for a while now, so the feeling that I’m getting nowhere lately has been pervasive ever since I went back to work a month ago. While I’ve attempted to remain disciplined during this cosmic test of my patience, the urge to push back against the universe has been building up inside of me. The only thing that has stopped me from pushing forward without considering the implications is the lingering sense that this too shall pass. My Capricorn nature has taught me that Saturn’s transits are ultimately productive. If I can just get through this, I can get through anything, right?

I hope so! The Martian part of my personality is buried deep down inside of me, so I rarely attempt to push through obstacles in my path. I’d rather do the Capricorn thing and scale them like a goat. It might take longer, but I know that I’ll eventually get to the other side. What’s more, I’ll be no worse for wear by adopting a tried-and-true strategy. If I were more susceptible to Mars’ influence, I’d already be black and blue from trying to roll the rock in the photo out of the way.

It’s times like this that I thank my lucky stars that I’m not a terribly reactive person. I suppose I can also thank the universe for the mask I’m still wearing at work despite the fact that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in the province where I live. If it were not for my employer’s extension of the mask mandate, everyone would know exactly how I’m feeling lately because they would see it written all over my face.

Oh well! There are not many more of these obstacles ahead of me. As I’ve said a million times before on this blog, my chart is just getting better and better. I’m not going to let a bad day or two get in my way.

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