Carrot Cake (source: Tasty)

I just realized that tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of this blog.

After being in a bit of funk for the last week due to a combination of seasonal allergy issues and a lunar eclipse right on my nodal axis, I’m feeling much better about myself. What’s more, in about an hour from now, Mars will enter my tenth house. A subsequent upswing in ambition should take me places I haven’t been in quite some time.

I’m already eager to get moving this morning. I think I’m going to go to one of the grocery stores near my house and buy myself a birthday cake to celebrate this milestone. I’ve been craving carrot cake for a couple of weeks now, so now I have an excuse to get one.

I’m also going to stick my head into an old writing project that I abandoned for reasons that I will explain another time — maybe after I work out, throw in a load of laundry, clean the house, do a little yardwork and whatever else I can fit into the first few hours of the day.

Oh, it’s good to have my energy back! I need to thank my lucky stars that eclipses don’t always happen in the same place in my chart. I’m so happy to have that bullshit behind me . . .

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