Huntington’s 100th Rose (source:

I currently have the sun, Mercury and Venus all transiting my seventh house. That’s probably the reason why I am feeling so content with my current circumstances. Being laid off again due to COVID restrictions couldn’t have come at a better time!

I shouldn’t be so happy to be unemployed. However, With spring in the air where I live, I’m eager to get into my garden to work on making my surroundings more beautiful. While the traditional interpretations of the seventh house often skew toward the relationships we have, I’ve always been fascinated by the connection between that part of my chart and my fascination with the more superficial pleasures of life. My Libra rising sign seems to dominate my horoscope when my seventh house is visited by the swift-moving planets, making me a little less Capricorn-like for a few weeks a year.

I haven’t lost my sense of ambition altogether, but it definitely has shifted to peripheral concerns. I’m in no mood to encounter any kind of ugliness. That’s probably the reason that I can barely get through a few Twitter posts lately without logging off. I’d rather just dither in the yard instead of allowing anything to weigh me down.

For that reason, I’m not going to fight it. For a couple more weeks, I’m just going to stop and smell the roses whenever the opportunity arises. I can get more serious when all these planets enter my eighth house, right?

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