“Endangered Species: Bighorn Ram” by Andy Warhol (source: Christie’s)

I was just looking at my progressed chart and I realized that Mercury is finally going to move into a different sign this coming October.

My progressed Mercury moved into Pisces in early 2004: a time that corresponds almost exactly with the moment that my burgeoning writing career went to shit. Because I didn’t really pay that much attention to my progressed chart, I never really noticed a correlation. However, I did start paying more attention to secondary progressions a while ago when I noticed that progressed Mercury was moving into my sixth house. Since that time, I’ve been able to adapt to changes to my routine far more easily than I have in the past. It’s been a blessing to realize that my life won’t be ruined by unexpected changes to my schedule.

“The Dark Pixie Astrology,” a site I like to visit for interpretations of progressions, describes the upcoming event as follows:

“When your progressed Mercury enters Aries, you want to express yourself or communicate in a new way. You could begin studying something that helps you with this. This is a good time to go back to school. You want to create new plans and put them into action, not just think about them for a long time. You can jump into tasks quickly, sometimes too quickly, and have to watch for being too impulsive, hasty, and quick to make decisions. You want newness in your life in some form, which can mean changes in your career, personal relationships, and life direction. Check which houses your natal Mercury is in and rules to see where you could experience change.”

With my natal Mercury in the third house, I am a natural communicator. I would be happy to see some changes that would allow me to return to a job in communications, or simply to have some better luck while attempting to communicate my “vision” of astrology to the world. The virtual collapse of my career ca. 2004 did a job on my self-confidence from which I never fully recovered.

For that reason, I’m looking forward to this shift in my way of thinking. I’d like to be as brash and confident as I was when my progressed Mercury was in Aquarius and I practically invented the discipline of fashion astrology. I’d like to be more like an Aries native who doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks of them. I’m already feeling far more confident than I have in years with all the outer planets at the bottom of my chart finally moving away from my IC. Combining the interpretations of those long-term transits with this change to my progressed chart makes me even more hopeful for my future.

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    My progressed Mercury doesn’t enter Aries until October 17, but I can feel the changes coming. Revisiting this post from April confirms that for me. Things are finally going my way!


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