Mystique Summers (source: YouTube)

It is no secret that Aries natives like to be first at everything they do. That is why it is fitting that the first queen to become legendary for going to war with another contestant on “Untucked” is also the first queen on this list of “Drag Race” moments that define the zodiac signs.

Mystique Summers may have looked as if she had lost the fight on the Season 2 runways, but she did her sign proud when she told Morgan McMichaels “You piss me off some more, I will whoop your fucking ass! Bitch, I am from Chicago!” It would be completely out of character for an Aries queen to back down, and when she stood up for herself, she delivered the most-iconic line ever uttered by an Aries contestant in the history of the show. It was a moment that no fan of RPDR will ever forget.

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