Daily Horoscope (source: astro.com)

Here’s a screenshot from my personalized daily horoscope on astro.com. Not only do I have transiting Saturn making it’s first exact conjunction with my natal Mars in almost thirty years, but I’ve also got transiting Mercury making three major aspects throughout the day. And all of this is happening on a day when the sun, Venus and Chiron are conjoined in Aries opposing the full moon in Libra.

It’s a lot to think about! In fact, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. However, the one thing that I’m going to try to keep in mind today is that my words can probably hurt people who are feeling oversensitive in the current cosmic climate.

So, I’m going to shut up before I go off on someone. I imagine that I can be a figurative loaded pistol later today. If I turn my safety on now, there won’t be any collateral damage.

Thanks for the warning, astro.com!

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