Plastic Surgery (source: UBC Blogs)

I have an appointment to have a cyst removed from the nape of my neck today. It’s quite inconspicuous and covered by my hairline for the most part, but because I buzz off my hair every couple of weeks, I’m still quite conscious of it. I have a friend who works in an dermatologist’s office. She’s not only an avid reader of this blog, but she’s also a fellow Capricorn. She got me in early on a day when a plastic surgeon will be in residence, so I can be confident that I’m not going to be left with a hideous scar when the procedure is over.

Curiously, I’m having this cosmetic procedure on a day when Venus makes its superior conjunction with the sun. This is literally the best day of the year to have any kind of beauty treatment. The next time this cosmic event recurs is October 22, 2022. Perhaps I should I use this opportunity to see if there is anything else I can get done while I’m there. After a year of quarantine, I could use some liposuction.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to excising this unsightly lump much in the way that I am looking forward to all the other good things that my future holds. I just can’t believe how much better I feel about everything in my life now that 2020 is behind me. This really feels like a new chapter in a book that I don’t want to put down. Hopefully, this is also the chapter where I get vaccinated soon and live happily ever after . . .

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