Scale (source: Men’s Health)

I typically start to pay more attention to what I eat around this time of year because this is when my accumulation of “winter weight” starts to become more noticeable. In six months from now, right around the autumn equinox, I’m usually at my leanest and I can eat everything in sight without having to worry about fattening up. After a lifetime of watching these cycles reoccur, I try not to beat myself up for succumbing to a phenomenon that probably has more to do with seasonally-impacted hormone levels than it does with the food I’m eating.

But I usually start a diet when the new moon arrives in my sixth house because of the relationship between the sixth house and my daily routine. This year, I’ve decided to initiate this annual ritual a little earlier. With yesterday’s new moon occurring in my fifth house, I’m going to see if the association of fifth house with my sense of personal vanity makes me focus on getting leaner a little faster.

I can be quite vain, so this might be an experiment that actually works. I stepped on the scale Friday and I wasn’t surprised by the number it displayed. However, I was surprised by the self-discipline I exhibited yesterday; it’s not unusual for me to cheat on my diet on the first day. That’s why I give myself six months to reach my goal weight.

Anyway, I’ll see if this new approach works for me. My friends that I regularly meet in Vegas want to go back in October which is the time of the year that I’m actually the thinnest. Maybe by then the buffets will be open again and I can pig out without feeling as if I’m going to bust out of my Tom Ford jeans. Now that would make me happy!

Here’s to having a goal . . .

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