Star Struck Style

1967-11_134949171004Marisa Berenson (source: Vogue)

February 15 is Marisa Berenson’s birthday.

I was never terribly interested in Marisa Berenson. When I was a kid, discovering fashion for the first time, Berenson already seemed like yesterday’s news. She’s eighteen years older than me, so I suppose that the generation gap was somewhat insurmountable. Her mid-seventies heyday as a seasoned socialite represented everything I was rebelling against as a disobedient teenager in the early eighties. She was the disco to my new wave; the polyester slacks to my button-fly 501s.

Now that I’m old enough to put everything into perspective, I like Marisa Berenson. Until a couple of months ago, I virtually forgot that she was in “Cabaret,” even though I’ve seen it a dozen times. She gives a wonderful performance in the film. Still, there is so much to marvel at in “Cabaret” that it isn’t a surprise that Berenson is…

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