Star Struck Style

190205142524-01-alex-jones-file-exlarge-169Alex Jones (source: CNN)

February 11 is Alex Jones’ birthday. It’s also Sarah Palin’s birthday, and Jeb Bush’s, too. How did I get so lucky to have so many terrific choices of people to profile today?

Anyway, I just had a look at Alex Jones’ natal chart. Without a time of birth, I can’t decisively say that it is the chart of a lunatic. He does have Mercury in Pisces, but so do a lot of people — one-in-twelve people, to be exact. It’s square Neptune in Sagittarius with a one-degree orb, but that alone isn’t enough to declare him a danger to both himself and society at large, nor is it enough to call the guys in the white coats to come and haul him away.

I really wish that I knew where those planets landed in his natal chart. It could be a hallmark of mental illness…

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