Paul Smith (source: Vogue)

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the F/W 2021 menswear presentations. Were designers going to gamble upon the notion that the pandemic would be under control? Would they bet upon a return to the workplace and start showing more tailored clothes, or would they stick to the athleisure formula that has been working so well for the past several seasons?

With both Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius, I wasn’t going to be surprised if a Bohemian vibe captured the imagination of most designers. Now that the shows are underway, I am seeing that free-spirited theme prevail: I suppose that you could say anything goes in 2021. But the big news is that almost everyone is avoiding making anything too tight. I guess that they figure we’ve all fattened up over the past several months because clothes haven’t been this loose during the menswear shows in as long as I can remember.

I suppose that a trend like this was inevitable considering how big the “shrunken” trend was a few years ago. Still, I couldn’t have predicted the uniformity of the this current fad. Perhaps having Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn while these collections were created provided most designers with a sense of homogeneity; that can happen when several planets transit Capricorn simultaneously. But a month ago, both of those planets moved into Aquarius — probably a little too late for anyone to go “back to the drawing board.” For that reason, I wouldn’t expect the next round of menswear shows in July to be so uniform. Jupiter actually moves into Pisces temporarily just as the next season’s samples will be cut and sewn. I can imagine that the S/S 2022 presentations are going to be much more unusual as a result of the combined Aquarius/Pisces influence. Designers are going to be anticipating a year when we all can let our freak flags fly.

Believe me when I say that I’m happy about that. After a year of sitting around way too much, I can’t wait to get out of my house to see what everyone else is wearing to hide their quarantine weight!

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