Moon (source: Old Farmer’s Almanac)

I had a look at my progressed chart just a moment ago on “Astrodienst” where I was reminded that I am just days away from a progressed lunar return. I already discussed this occurrence in an August blog post, writing the following passages when I realized what was about to happen:

“I should have been paying attention to this upcoming event, but I’ve been distracted by so many of the other things occurring in my chart — especially all the planetary action on my IC. Jupiter has recently backtracked into my third house, making me feel as if I could be taking the opportunity unemployment has afforded me to write more, while Pluto is stuck on my IC making me feel as if I can’t get anywhere when I do try to write. Saturn’s retrograde phase in my fourth house isn’t encouraging me to make the most of my home-based sideline, either. It’s as if I am permanently stuck in the ‘planning phase.’

But in the second week of November, when the progressed moon conjoins my natal moon, Jupiter makes its direct pass over my IC. In fact, on the exact same day Jupiter makes its final conjunction with Pluto mere minutes away from my fourth-house cusp, the progressed conjunction occurs. That lunar event is something that only happens every twenty-eight years, so it’s kind of amazing that it coincides with another conjunction that happens about every ten or eleven years. And on top of all of that, Venus conjoins my ascendant on the same day.

It’s a huge shift in the astrological climate, and it’s something that should truly invigorate me. I actually love the weather in late fall and early winter in this godforsaken place where I live. It makes me feel alive! Not only that, I can’t wait to feel as if I’m moving forward again. I know that 2020 has been a shitty year for everyone, but I can’t catch a break with all these planets making tense aspects to the angles of my horoscope. My chart is a fucking mess right now!”

I have been quite confident that my fate is changing. While I would like everything to happen a little faster, I still am feeling both satisfied with the direction I’m going and empowered by the current cosmic circumstances, even if the world around me doesn’t seem to be keeping up.

My only concern right now is that with both my Cancer moon and my fourth house cusp being highlighted is that my innate crabbiness will be augmented for some time to come. On the bright side, I’m still wearing a mask in public, so no one will be able to tell me that they know how I’m feeling because of the look on my face. I should thank my lucky stars for small miracles . . .

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