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Star Struck Style

800px-Senator_Harris_official_senate_portraitKamala Harris (source: Wikipedia)

October 20 is Kamala Harris’ birthday.

I adore Kamala Harris, but I never had looked up her natal chart — or even her bio — until just a moment ago. She grew up in Canada! No wonder she’s such a lovely person.

Honestly, I do believe that living in this country provided her with a perspective that is incomprehensible to the mouth-breathing dimwits who elected the current US government. While those of you south of the border were spending the week watching your President making excuses for the murder of a journalist at the hands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on FOX News, I was watching stories on the Canadian news channels about the legalization of marijuana (and the subsequent pardons offered for individuals previously convicted of simple possession) while trying to decide which pop-up clinic to use to get my free flu shot (the…

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