Reset Button (source: WeWork)

The gym where I work reopens this morning. It’s probably going to be slow because most members have chosen not to return until COVID-19 is under control.

I’ve already been working for a couple of weeks preparing for reopening. The powers-that-be decided to scrap our old membership software in favor of a more user-friendly system, so I’ve been doing a lot of training and behind-the-scenes administrative work. This week, I’ll return to my role as one of the faces of the organization.

The timing is good for me, astrologically-speaking, with both the sun and Mercury transiting my first house. Even with retrograde Mars moving back into my sixth house this coming Sunday, I feel as if I’m going to be able to shift into a productive routine without much difficulty. I’m still worried about the growing number of COVID cases in the province where I live, and the possibility that new restrictions may be introduced after we open the doors, but I’m not worried about how I’ll deal with an unpredictable situation. I’ve learned to be quite adaptable over the past few months.

Still, I thrive on routine. I like to know exactly what to expect so that I can cram as much into a day as possible. All I can think about right now is how nice it will be to be able to lift weights a couple of times a week, and how nice it will be to have earned days off and paid holidays available to me when my routine gets to be too much.

I feel as if I’ve pressed the reset button today, and that I’m moving into a new phase of my life where I can find that work/life balance that I’ve been missing throughout 2020. Even before the pandemic began, my life was messed up because of things that were beyond my control. At the moment, I feel as if I’m regaining control. I sure hope so!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get undressed and figure out where my reset button is . . .

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