Martina Navratilova (source: Tennis World)

October 18 is Martina Navratilova’s birthday.

Martina is my favorite tennis player of all time and one of my all-around idols, so I was thrilled to discover how responsive she is with her fans on Twitter. That’s where I learned that she really doesn’t believe in astrology. But maybe she would be a believer if she realized which of her fellow celebrities share her sun sign/moon sign combo.

I’ve discussed this before, but it bears repeating: women with a Libra sun and an Aries moon really, really, really hate Donald Trump. Using the search tool on, I pulled up the list of celebrities who possess this combination. I filtered it by gender, ranked it by popularity (which is gauged by the amount of searches made for that celebrity), and then double-checked the list to remove anyone without a time of birth that would guarantee an Aries moon position. I also removed a few dead people and some international celebrities whose names I did not recognize.

On just the first page of the search results alone, I pulled up the following names: Cardi B., Amber Rose, Kamala Harris, Heather Locklear, Sarah Ferguson, Martina Navratilova and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Anne Rice was also on the list, but there’s a slim chance that her natal moon is not in Aries. I know that she hates Trump, too.

I know that most women can’t stand the guy, so the odds aren’t really against finding a few vocal Trump-haters on a list like this. Still, the number of high-profile Trump-haters that share this combination is definitely something to see. It is as if their antipathy toward the guy was written in the stars.

I wonder if Martina would change her mind about astrology if she knew that she was in such an elite club? I’ll have to bug her on Twitter again and try to find out . . .

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