Audrey Marnay (source: Vogue)

October 14 is Audrey Marnay’s birthday.

I’ve always liked Audrey Marnay because to me she represents that group of girls who might seem somewhat unremarkable at first glance, but once they get in front of a camera it’s obvious that they were born to model.

I have a funny story about her. When she was at the height of her popularity she was quite the waif, like Kate Moss. I didn’t really consider her to be all that sexy. But she stopped modelling for a while to have a baby, and one of the first things she did when she came back was to walk the runway of the televised Victoria’s Secret fashion show. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered that she had finally grown a butt!

Pregnancy did wonders for Audrey Marnay’s body. She was always slight — which is fine if that’s the way that she wanted to look — but I thought that she looked so much better with a little meat on her bones.

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly sure if I got Libra vibes from the model until I looked through a slideshow on (click the link above) chronicling some of her best moments in “Vogue.” She does what the best Libra models do by making everything in her vicinity look more sophisticated and expensive.

I often use Beverly Johnson as an example of this signature Libra trait, but several other Libra models exhibit the same quality, including Candice Swaenpoel, Bella Hadid, Cindy Bruna and Imaan Hammam. In fact, when I do a simple Google search for Libra models, I have to go quite far down the list before I find someone whose name I associate with trash. I’ll just leave it at that . . .

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