Twist of Fate (source: Discogs)

The transiting north node conjoins my natal Jupiter at the end of this week. The website “12andus” interprets the once-every-eighteen-years event as follows:

“You have an opportunity to really expand beyond any previous limitations and may reinvent yourself on a grand scale at this time.

You may adopt new spiritual beliefs or have a significant change in philosophy which helps to establish your lifestyle and goals for the future.

Your influence has grown and expanded at this time. You may receive greater status or influence at work or in relationships. Across the board, you are being uplifted and supported by influential significant others, and you are also fulfilling your purpose as a leader, guru or mentor to others.

Sacred knowledge or advance studies are possible at this time. If you are destined to travel to a foreign place or connect with others from a different background, opportunities will arise for this to occur.

You may feel the scales of justice tipping in your favor and you are likely to receive payoff in some form or another for past sacrifices. Karmic connections help you to advance on numerous levels.”

What I wouldn’t do for a “payoff” of some kind! I am so bored right now and eager to get on with my life. I believe that I’ve weathered the COVID-19 storm better than most people, but things are really starting to get to me. I’ve felt both victimized and anti-social since the sun entered my twelfth house because I suddenly feel as if the deck is stacked against me.

I know it’s not, and yet the feeling that the universe has done me wrong has been creeping into my psyche over the past few days. Thankfully, my twelfth house is tiny and I won’t be dealing with this phenomenon for very long. Also, the sun enters Libra tomorrow morning, highlighting those “scales of justice” that help to keep me balanced.

It would be nice if this uncommon transit meant that I was about “to receive payoff in some form or another for past sacrifices.” On this very blog, I’ve mentioned my volunteer work a million times over. I always include it on my curriculum vitae when I’m applying for jobs, but I’m sure that people who don’t give a rat’s ass about things like that don’t even comprehend the fact that I’ve given away the equivalent of more than a couple of years of full-time work over the past three decades.

So, I would be thrilled if the higher powers noticed. I’ve been patiently waiting for a “twist of fate” to change my life. Maybe something good it going to happen to me. I’ve always believed in those “Karmic connections” mentioned in the prediction I posted above. I’m just feeling as if my patience is being tested more than ever at the moment, and I’m not sure how much more of it I can take.

C’mon, Karma! It’s my turn . . .


  1. Transit NN conjunct my natal Jupiter in the first house—starting a new, creative project—many interesting changes occuring in my sphere of activities.


  2. Hey how’d it go? Any awesome significant changes? Mine is happening now in my second house along with transit NN conjuct my sun in 10h and transit NN conjuct MC and I’m really excited about it!


    • My chart was terrible in general last year when I wrote this, so I do feel as if I’m in a better place now. The more I study the nodes in my own chart, however, the less stock I put in their influence. I know that Vedic astrology considers them to be one of the most important elements of the horoscope, but they have failed to impress me time and time again.


  3. Transiting Jupiter is retrograding back onto my NN for Nov-Dec 2022 (12th house). I have received the same advice you indicated above. How did it work out for you?


    • Like I mentioned in the comment that appears above yours, I really didn’t notice a profound effect from this transit. Jupiter is not personalized in my chart, though.


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