Marcelo Burlon (source: Flux Magazine)

September 19 is Marcelo Burlon’s birthday.

Marcelo Burlon is the man behind the eponymous label “Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan.” While I have to admit that his designs are not really my thing, I once stalked a jacket from the brand on the Saks Fifth Avenue website, waiting for it to be deeply discounted. Unfortunately, when the sale came, my size was sold out.

I was sort of surprised by Burlon’s chart. If the September 19, 1979 date of birth I found online is correct (supported by posts on his own Instagram account), then he has both the sun and moon in Virgo, both Mercury and Venus in Libra, Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Leo.

I don’t know what I was expecting to see — perhaps some more Leo influence? His work reminds me of some other designers who work in Milan that have plenty of planets in the fire signs. What I did expect to see was the Cancer influence because he has a giant tattoo of the phases of the moon on his back. Nevertheless, it’s a very orderly, Virgo-like depiction of the moon’s cycles.

The big difference between Burlon’s chart and the charts of many other successful Virgo fashion designers is the Mercury placement. I’ve noticed that the Virgo “designers” mostly have Mercury in Virgo. Burlon’s Mercury in Libra makes him more of a stylist than a designer; it’s a superficial placement. Of course, all the other Virgo designers that I’ve discussed lately have a formal education in fashion. Burlon entered the business through the side door. He was in PR.

For that reason, I would expect him to have a Sagittarius rising. That would account for the “fire” that I don’t really see in his chart, and it could put his moon in the ninth house. It would also put the sun, Mercury and Venus near his midheaven, and that makes sense to me considering his career path.

But I’m speculating! Still, I’d love to know what time he was born so that I could prove myself right. Call me, Marcelo!

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