Eureka O’Hara (source: VH1)

No, not that Eureka!

I was just trying to figure out when to book a massage this week when I realized that the sun would be opposing my natal Chiron on Thursday afternoon. I decided that would be a good time because of the association of Chiron with the notion of “healing.” I don’t really know if I need any healing, but my massage therapist is really good at what he does and he always finds a way to make me aware of physical problems before they start to manifest themselves in an overt manner.

Curiously, as the sun opposes Chiron in my horoscope it also conjoins Pluto because I was born during a near-exact opposition of the two heavenly bodies. “Cafe Astrology” offers the following prediction for that annual transit:

“You are strong-willed and focused under this influence. The need to gain more control over your life motivates you to greater heights. You benefit most now from strategy and perhaps keeping things to yourself for the time being–you don’t have to reveal all that’s on your mind. You are in the position to gain some personal power — keep your eye out for opportunities, and do look beyond appearances. Some people find lost items or uncover resources–material or otherwise–under the influence of this transit. A ‘Eureka’ can occur now. Self-discovery is the name of the game.”

Now I’m quite interested in how this day is going to play out. Even if my “Eureka” moment doesn’t occurs while I’m on the massage table, I’m going to pay attention to how I’m feeling throughout the day. I also want to look back at my Facebook memories to see if anything significant has happened to me in the past during this recurring event, since “Self-discovery is the name of the game.”

I’ll let you know what happens. Stay tuned for more compelling updates . . .

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