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Practicing predictive astrology is a challenge. There are far too many variables to consider, even for a guy like me who is usually able to juggle quite a few balls at once. That’s one of the reasons that I don’t make a lot of predictions about my own future. In my opinion, it’s more beneficial to note the transits in my horoscope as they occur and then compare them in retrospect. Maybe in a hundred years, someone will discover this blog and realize that I’ve actually figured out a few things that no other astrologer has really considered, or at least they might be able to see how I was able to put those planetary transits into an entirely different context.

Still, I do occasionally look forward more than just a couple of months. I published a post the other day about the upcoming stellium in Aquarius and how I expect it to affect me. What I hadn’t done yet on this blog was to look a little more deeply into the so-called “Great Conjunction” on December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn meet up in the first degree of Aquarius.

What I discovered was that this rare and important event in my Placidus fourth house occurs within hours of when Pluto returns to my fourth house after its five-and-a-half month return to my third house.

Pluto’s ingresses are rare indeed. Most people will only see Pluto move through a few signs/houses in their entire lifetimes. To have Pluto making an exact conjunction to my IC on the day of an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is — for lack of a better word — ominous.

There’s so much significance astrologically in these upcoming events. Now that I’ve seen the sign, I really ought to take a good, long look at my chart and figure out what this means for me. I would be a fool to ignore the importance of the once-in-a-lifetime permanent ingress of Pluto into this sector of my chart while the “Great Conjunction” is basically flashing like a neon sign just a few degrees away.

Stay tuned for my predictions . . .

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