Asia O’Hara (source: Yahoo!)

July 7 is Asia O’Hara’s birthday.

I thought that Asia O’Hara was going to win Season 10 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Unfortunately, her lip-sync stunt during the finale ensured that she didn’t even make the top three, opening the door for Aquaria to sashay right past Eureka and Kameron Michaels on her way to snatching the crown.

Season 12 played out in a similar fashion, but the pageant queen actually won the show. Right before the finale of Season 12, I told my sister that it had been obvious for several years that RuPaul would have loved to have a black pageant queen winner, but almost every black pageant queen managed to do something to sabotage herself in the competition. Jaida Essence Hall was the first girl who fit the “pageant queen” stereotype that didn’t trip over her own stilettos on the way to the finale.

Aside from her terrible performance in the Cher “Rusical,” Asia didn’t do anything during her run on “Drag Race” to make me believe that she was going to blow it in the final four. The fact she was a Cancer made me even more confident that she was going to win. Prior to her appearance on the show, three Cancer queens had taken the crown in the previous four seasons. The stars were on her side.

But she didn’t win. She didn’t even make the cut after she apparently caused the death of several butterflies onstage in a bizarre attempt to release them from a specially-designed bra. It was probably the biggest letdown in “Drag Race” history.

Nevertheless, she persevered. Right before the COVID-19 lockdowns began, she was performing as the host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race Live” in Las Vegas. There’s no reason not to expect her to come roaring back sometime in the future to take the “All Stars” title. With a Cancer sun and a Capricorn moon, the idea that she’s a bit of a “late bloomer” is actually in her stars. The one thing in her natal chart that may hold her back is bad timing. With Mars and Saturn almost exactly conjunct in Libra, there is tremendous potential for similar episodes of bad judgment/bad luck to mess up the best-laid plans of Asia O’Hara. I can see her getting “this close” again. At least next time she’ll have nothing to prove. She’s already a star of the “Drag Race” universe, with or without a crown on her head.

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