Trish Goff (source: NYT)

June 8 is Trish Goff’s birthday.

I keep coming across famous Gemini models from the nineties while I’m looking celebrity birthdays. The weirdest thing about them is how little they have in common with one another.

For a long time, I have maintained that Gemini is the most difficult sign for an astrologer to pin down. Mercury moves quickly and spends much of its time either stationary or retrograde. It also rules over a couple of signs where Venus can easily be in mutual reception with the planet, influencing the natal chart in a way that only makes it more difficult to pin down a particular personality type for someone that possesses that phenomenon in their horoscope, like Trish Goff. The more I look at these girls from the nineties, the more convinced I am that I am right about Geminis in general and my theories about how Mercury behaves in their charts.

Anyway, I’m in no mood to sit at my computer today, so that’s all I’m going to say about Trish Goff, except that I wish that she always wore a mushroom cut. Fashion astrology be damned! Who wouldn’t want that haircut?

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