Get Out (source: Vox)

Well, the eclipse is only a few hours away and I already feel as if I can’t sit still. I need to get out like this happy-go-lucky guy in the photo I posted above.

Coincidentally, I also have transiting Mars sextile my natal sun today. My daily horoscope on interprets the aspect as follows:

“This influence stimulates your physical vitality, giving you the chance to work hard and accomplish much. Your health is good during this time, and you are able to approach everything you do with vigor and self-confidence. And this carries over to the psychological level as well, as an ability to assert yourself toward others and stand up for your views in any controversy. New opportunities to be personally effective often open up under this influence. For example, in your job you might get a chance to take on an important responsibility, which will lead later to a promotion or increased salary. This is a good time to demonstrate that you can work on your own and do it well. But you can also work with groups now, because your energies complement the group’s energies.”

I’m probably going to hear from the gym where I work today about a reopening strategy, so this prediction makes sense in more ways than one. Combine that with an eclipse in the two zodiac signs that I associate with the notion of freedom, it makes even more sense. I feel as if I’m ready to be set free from nearly three months of house arrest. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the sun moves into my ninth house just moments before the actual arrival of the eclipse.

So, I’m going to get out into the garden, and then I’m going to burn off some more energy in whatever way feels good to me when the actual eclipse occurs this afternoon. I’m going to play it by ear because I don’t believe that planning what to do makes sense during a lunar eclipse in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius along my third house/ninth house axis.

How are you going to spend this auspicious day?

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