Chopped Chefs (source: Mashed)

An eclipse arrives tomorrow afternoon where I live.

I usually don’t get too worked up about eclipses because I believe that most astrologers overrate the importance of these fairly regular occurrences. Unless they are personalized somehow in the natal chart, they can slip by without a lot of consequences for most people. Not every cosmic configuration needs to be a cataclysmic, life-changing event.

However, tomorrow’s eclipse is very personalized in my own chart. And like a contestant on the TV show “Chopped” staring into a basket of completely unrelated ingredients, I barely know what to make of it.

First of all, my third house/ninth house cusp is at 15°31″ Gemini/Sagittarius. The eclipse occurs at 15°34″ in the same signs. Not only that, it is exactly semi-sextile/inconjunct to my 15°34″ Capricorn sun. While I typically don’t pay a lot of attention to minor aspects in daily transits, I probably should pay attention to this one.

Still, as I already mentioned, I don’t know what to make of it. Curiously, that’s sort of how the aspect is interpreted. Semi-sextile and inconjunct positions don’t typically reveal tension as much as they indicate a failure to recognize anything in common.

That’s how I feel. When I watch “Chopped,” I secretly wish that a contestant would look into the basket, throw their hands up in the air and say “What am I supposed to do with this shit?” Then I want them to put everything into a blender and just make a smoothie as an act of defiance to the producers. “You’re giving me pickled herring, chocolate milk, pre-chewed gum and a casaba melon? Fuck you!”

I want to see some significance in tomorrow’s eclipse, but right now all I can see a bunch of things that I recognize, and yet I can’t figure out how to put any of it together. If anyone out there has any ideas about what I should expect, I’d like to hear them. Otherwise, I’m just going to be on a planet all my own for a couple of days.

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