FRA: French Open 1991
Andre Agassi (source:

April 29 is Andre Agassi’s birthday.

It is also Uma Thurman’s birthday. Both celebrities turn fifty today. I’ve never been the biggest fan of either of them, so I had a look at their natal charts to see if I could figure out why they both rub me the wrong way.

They were born several hours apart, so I focused on the planets themselves rather than the houses in which the planets reside. Yet I found nothing that would make believe that we wouldn’t get along in real life. The only thing I noticed was that the two of them have a grouping of planets that includes the sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn in the only part of my chart that is vacant of planets. However, none of them form awkward aspects to anything in my chart.

So what could it be? I’d guess that it was Agassi’s haircut, but I don’t recall Uma Thurman ever sporting a mullet.

Is there a celebrity that bugs you for no particular reason? I’d like to know. Drop me a line in the comments section or on one of my social media accounts.

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