Mars (source: Fandom)

Before I sat down to write this post, I had a look at the post I published on April 14, 2018. I honestly couldn’t believe how well it described how I am feeling today. It was uncanny! So, I went back to see what was going on in the sky that was making me feel (A) optimistic about my future, (B) full of piss and vinegar, and (C) very much in control of my destiny.

Of course, the sun was in the same place in the sky. Mars, with its approximate two-year periodicity, was minutes away from conjoining my natal sun as I published that post. Right now, it’s minutes away from conjoining my natal Mars. Considering those factors, it’s easy to understand why I am feeling the way I’m feeling despite my current circumstances. I’m sure that there aren’t a lot of people in lockdown currently going on and on about their newfound vitality and hope for the future.

The one thing that surprised me, though, was to discover that Saturn was nearly stationary when I wrote that other post — just like it is today! I’m a Capricorn who is always bragging about how much I enjoy Saturn’s retrograde cycles because the slow pace seems to create opportunities for me while it trips up almost everyone else. But perhaps I need to pay more attention to those times when it stations. It’s something to think about, anyway.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some energy to burn off. I don’t want to waste the next couple of days sitting on my ass feeling sorry for myself. Mars isn’t going to let me do that!

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