Cody Nickson (source: Reality Blurred)

April 13 is Cody Nickson’s birthday.

When Cody Nickson was on “Big Brother,” I was speculating about his zodiac sign on Twitter along with the comedian Sarah Colonna. Sarah and I share a lot in common astrologically, and both of us found ourselves gushing over Cody’s irascibility. It wasn’t that we liked him as a person, but rather we liked what a stark contrast he made to all the other idiotic fame whores in the “Big Brother” house. The guy played the game as if the cameras weren’t even on him. He was the complete opposite of players like Frankie Grande, if you know what I mean.

I thought that Robyn Kass and her casting agency would have learned a lesson about what the fans want from “BB” contestants after Cody won the fan favorite prize for being the proverbial “fly in the ointment” for “Big Brother 19,” but she didn’t. She still casts both the Canadian and the American versions of the show the same way that she always has. Her strategy backfired completely a few weeks ago when “Big Brother Canada 8” was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns with only a single contestant evicted from the show after weeks and weeks of game play. One contestant quit, two were disqualified, and another one was ready to walk out of the door on her own accord just before the house was evacuated.

Now Robyn Kass is a Virgo. I’ve Tweeted back and forth with her a couple of times about her zodiac sign, and she freely admits that she does indeed possess a Virgo-like nature. That makes me wonder if she is actually calling the shots when casting these shows, or if the producers themselves are making the final cut (it would not be in her character to miss a detail like Cody’s antipathy toward production). Or maybe casting Cody Nickson was a strategy that backfired: was he supposed to fill the shoes of a heroic ex-marine/single dad playing for his daughter? I don’t believe that anyone would have predicted that Cody was going to win the hearts of the fans because he was going to refuse to play by the rules.

Anyway, Cody is an Aries with the moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Aries. He also has Venus in Aries in mutual reception to Mars in Taurus. He was born the exact same day as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Carmen Carrera: someone else who has spent a lot of time saying “Fuck you!” to the television producers who handed her a career. They share a rebellious horoscope. I would be interested to know their birth times so that I could look into how Cody was able to succeed in the military. He probably has some major sixth or tenth house influences in his chart.

I still sort of like the guy even though he turned out to be a jerk. I even followed his wife on social media for a while until I got tired of reading her political views. Maybe the less I know about him, the better . . .

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