Plastique Tiara (source: Discogs)

April 11 is Plastique Tiara’s birthday.

When Season 11 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” began, I thought Plastique Tiara was going to win. Just look at her!

Anyway, she didn’t win, and she didn’t win because she couldn’t stop herself from having the last word in every conversation she had with the judges.

I really didn’t get a lot of Aries vibes from her otherwise, but her desire to defend herself at all costs was totally in character for someone with her astrological makeup. What every Aries queen needs to learn, however, is that they were born to play offense, not defense. They just need to get on that stage and win every challenge they can. If they falter, they need to listen to the opinions of the judges and come back even stronger in the next challenge.

As I was writing that last sentence, my mind immediately went to last night’s episode of “Untucked” where Aries native Widow Von’Du was both passive/aggressive and defensive in the same segment. Neither quality becomes an Aries queen. Neither quality is going to take an Aries queen to the finale. Just ask The Vivienne and Raven. They made it deep into their seasons by performing to the best of their abilities and not making a million lame excuses or playing the blame game any time they faltered.

If Plastique Tiara ever comes back to the show, I hope that she puts all that bullshit behind her and simply slays the competition. Now that’s the Aries spirit!

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