Donald Trump (source: Mother Jones)

I believe things are going to get bad for Donald Trump really soon.

I’m sure I’ve said that a thousand times over, but he has some bad stuff happening in his chart over the next few days. The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 24 53″ Capricorn sits opposite his Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer. Just as that is happening, Mars is going to slip into his sixth house (using the Placidus system, of course). For a narcissist like Trump, the sixth house is not the place where the red planet is going to do him any good.

While the first event is going to recur a couple of times because of the upcoming retrograde phases of both of the planets involved (something I’ve already discussed on this blog), the second event is what I would like to focus upon.

For the next six weeks or so, starting this coming Thursday, Donald Trump is going to feel as if he cannot catch a break. He already blames everyone else for everything (the man has never taken personal responsibility for anything he has done wrong for his entire life). Yet the criticism is going to become relentless as his inability to serve anything but his own interests becomes apparent to some of his more ardent supporters.

While he typically lets things slide — narcissists really don’t care what anyone else thinks of them — the barrage of criticism is going to further impact his health. People who use this transit constructively usually discover that it can be quite productive: a time to take one’s health more seriously. Mars in the sixth house will often inspire people to exercise enthusiastically. But everyone knows that Donald Trump doesn’t exercise. With no adequate stress relief in his daily routine, his frustration with the job he never really wanted is just going to grow and grow.

Around May 9, he’s going to blow up. Either a blood vessel is going to pop in his brain, or he’s going to do something catastrophic that makes the rest of us wish that we were dead. Whatever it is, it’s going to be bad. I just hope that it’s bad for him and not bad for everyone else.

Now that I’ve put that out into the universe, I hope I’m right. The sooner this soulless man leaves our world, the better. There’s no other way to put it . . .

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