Pisces Shirt (source: AllSaints)

I’m a stickler for detail, so it’s probably not a surprise to anyone that I go back and read my old blog posts to see if there is anything I need to correct. I usually don’t make spelling mistakes, but it is common for me to leave out a word here and there because my fingers can’t keep up with my brain while I’m typing.

Just a moment ago, I had a look at my 2020 Horoscopes. Everything was going along swimmingly until I reached the entry for Pisces where I read the following line:

“Don’t sabotage your future by being intractable or self-isolating. Remember that fish swim in schools because there is strength in numbers.”

Ha! I actually advised Pisces natives not to be “self-isolating” in 2020!

The funny thing about this horoscope is that I was supposed to go to Las Vegas two weeks ago with a couple of Pisces friends who are currently self-isolating. I suppose that it’s lucky for them that they just bought a big new house with plenty of room to escape from one another.

I just think it’s so weird that I chose those words when I composed the Pisces horoscope. It’s as if fate led me in a particular direction just to point and laugh at me when I followed it. The universe is taunting me!

Oh well. If the universe wants to be a smart-ass, I guess I can understand why because I also enjoy being a smart-ass. The universe also brought up this awesome Pisces shirt on the AllSaints website when I went searching for an image to illustrate this post. I just bought it. Maybe that was the plan all along . . .

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