Jodie Comer April Issue Cover Reveal 1
Jodie Comer (source: British Vogue)

March 11 is Jodie Comer’s birthday.

Like almost everyone who has watched “Killing Eve,” I’m a huge Jodie Comer fan. Although I can’t help myself from comparing the show to “Hannibal” because of the love/hate relationship of the two lead characters, the performances of both Comer and Sandra Oh are so good that I don’t care if the show is sort of derivative. It’s a delight to watch!

I’m not surprised to discover that Jodie Comer is a Pisces. There are a lot of Pisces stars who have “breakthrough” performances. They might linger on the cusp of stardom for a while, but then all of a sudden they become the next big thing. Take Liza Minnelli in “Cabaret,” for instance, Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct,” or even Jon Hamm in “Mad Men.”

Comer has a natal chart that is defined by a few difficult aspects. As I’ve mentioned a million times before on this blog, though, some of the most successful people have the worst charts. She has Mars in a tight square with Jupiter. She also Venus in a very tight square with Uranus and Neptune (the two of which are less than a degree apart). These five planets almost form a T-square, but not quite. Nevertheless, as transiting planets move out of aspect from the one configuration, they quickly move into an aspect with the next.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time of birth to put the planets into the houses. I also can’t be sure that Comer has a Scorpio moon, but it’s quite likely (about an 80-85% chance). On the other hand, I can be sure that Comer is currently experiencing one of the most consequential periods of her life as the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in her chart is the generational aspect I have discussed on this blog as something in the charts of many people born in the early nineties. That aspect, at 20-21° Capricorn has seen a lot of action over the last year or so and it’s still an astrological hot spot. Pluto will soon make another retrograde return to almost the same place just as Jupiter does the same. November of this year should be eventful for Jodie Comer and all the kids of her generation.

I wish them all good luck!

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