Chiron & Achilles (The Advocate)

I have so much going on in my horoscope right now!

Tomorrow morning, the sun and Neptune conjoin at 18° 24″ Pisces. That is exactly opposite my natal Pluto. What’s more, it’s only fourteen minutes away from forming an exact conjunction with my natal Chiron.

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed all this planetary action in a three-part post about Neptune and the aspects it is about to form along this significant axis in my natal chart. What I really didn’t consider is the fact that the sun is not only a part of this once-in-a-lifetime configuration. I interpreted these alignments as being something I would experience over weeks and months, but with the sun involved it would not be unreasonable to expect something of great consequence to happen to me tomorrow.

I’m not convinced that it will be that overt as Neptune seems to make everything cloudy and confusing, but I’m going need to pay attention to everything that happens to me tomorrow.

It’s a big day in my life. I just hope that it’s a good day!

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