Phillip Plein (source:

February 16 is Philipp Plein’s birthday.

Philipp Plein is the worst designer working in the world of fashion today. Personally, professionally, artistically — everything about the guy screams “douchebag.”

I know a guy in real life who gives me similar vibes, and it is uncanny how similar their natal charts are.

Anyway, I’m going to Las Vegas in four weeks and I can’t wait to go to the Shops at Crystals: my favorite mall in the entire world. I remember being there a few years ago and seeing that a Philipp Plein boutique was about to open. I also remember muttering something like “there goes the neighborhood” under my breath.

But I digress! I did notice something interesting while I was looking at Philipp Plein’s natal chart. He has his natal Mars at 23°31″ Cancer — within a degree of exactly opposing the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12 and the upcoming Mars/Jupiter conjunction of March 20. I’ve discussed this degree and its significance on this blog a few times now. People with a natal Mars or Saturn afflicted by these conjunctions need to watch out. Philipp Plein is likely in the midst of some major tension. Unfortunately, without an accurate time of birth to place his natal planets in the houses, I can’t ascertain where these tense aspects will occur. With both Mars and Jupiter involved, however, I can see a professional crisis looming. That makes me wonder how his business is doing in this terrible retail climate.

I guess that I’ll find out soon enough. March 20 is just around the corner . . .

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