Apollo, Chiron and Asklepios (source: Wikimedia)

Yesterday, I discussed the first of the three major generational aspects that are getting close to being exact in my horoscope. Today, I’m going to discuss the next aspect to occur: transiting Neptune conjunct natal Chiron.

The asteroid is only four minutes away from being in an exact opposition with my natal Pluto, so this is an aspect that will happen concurrently with transiting Neptune’s opposition to that planet.

Astrodienst describes the event as follows:

“It is possible that psychological wounds you have been carrying since your childhood or adolescence could now be healed. If you now feel depressed or confused, this could be caused by being brought into contact with a deeply internalized pain from your past. You might react in an extremely sensitive and touchy way to present situations without being conscious of why you are doing so. Suppressing any feelings of inadequacy and shame will not be helpful, and attempts to cover things up or run away could only exacerbate the problem. What is important now is that you learn to accept such unpleasant emotions, while admitting to having your own weaknesses.

This is a good time to be your own best therapist. Learn to listen to your inner voice which is best able to reveal your true calling, or cast your mind back to those people who somehow disappointed or betrayed you in the past. This will enable you to consider such events from your present perspective. An unconscious attitude of denial resulting from past disappointments might now be causing many of your present difficulties. It may be that the only way you felt able to “punish” parents, teachers, friends or former partners for their mistakes was either by subtly ignoring or refusing to recognize any demands they made. If you continue to react like this you could end up harming yourself. Turning to your intuition with the aid of your inner voice can now help you to rid yourself of all the false or irrelevant structures in your life.”

In light of yesterday’s post, I believe that the important part of this passage is the final sentence. The most important part of this current cycle seems to be a recognition that there are “false or irrelevant” structures in my life. With Libra as my rising sign and Chiron in Pisces, I have been far too concerned about pleasing people, doing the right thing, and being recognized for those efforts.

However, as I noted yesterday, I’ve come to realize that there are selfish people in the world who wouldn’t help me off the ground if I fell down, especially if giving me a hand meant giving up a moment of their time. While I wasn’t brought up in a terribly religious family, I was brought up with a moral compass that always pointed in the direction of goodness. That made me believe in the notion that you reap what you sow. Although that hasn’t changed (I’m still a big believer in Karma), I’m finally starting to understand that the most irrelevant structure in my life is the idea that I need to set an example for everyone.

There is no point in proving my worth to the unworthy. There is no point in trying to help those who wouldn’t help me. There is no point in feeling bad when I can’t help those who won’t help themselves. I’ve wasted too much of my life trying to convince those without conscience that I am both someone that they count on and someone that they can look up to. In my endeavors to live up to my own moral code, I’ve allowed soulless creeps to take advantage of me.

Of course, realizing these things about myself doesn’t mean that I’m going to abandon my principles. It just means that I’m not going beat myself up when I say no to people who would take advantage of this facet of my character.

I’ve felt this change coming for a while now. To be honest, it’s been a liberating experience that I may not have recognized before my Chiron return a few years ago. I believe that astrological event made me more compassionate toward people who deserve my compassion. I don’t want to come off as smug and morally superior when I point out these changes, but in the age of Donald Trump, it’s difficult not to put myself up on pedestal.

I’m fine with feeling like this, anyway. I’ve always said that modesty is for nuns . . .


  1. Such a relatable read. Story of my life sucker… even when I knew better I still was too charitable. My Pisces Chiron at 21° is about to have Neptune T it again. My progressed Neptune is in my 2nd house. My life savings and career has been dissolved nearly completely in the last 5 years. Much has been realized but I’m left feeling numb sometimes angry sometimes stupid. Trying my best as Pisces Sun Cancer Moon to be strong practical and productive. Thank you for your article.

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  2. Fantastic honesty. Thanks – experiencing this transit and finding the need to let foolish people be. How to stop them living in my head is proving harder though! and may have something to do with unresolved childhood issues – as you say. So time for reflection…………

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  3. Thank you very much for your post! It is so helpful!
    I am not happy about the matter (sacrificing yourself for others) but I am happy to find people who feel the same as I do and who seemingly have the same experiences than I have.

    Astrology is SO interesting! Indeed tells what’s in the air! The past weeks I have been focused on listening to the wonderful YouTube channel of Christina Lopes. She is an expert in spiritual healing – and of course, handles the childhood traumas, too. I started to do my shadow -work and so on and it has revealed a lot to me! I recommend it. When you know your shadows and heal them, people have fewer chances to cunning you.

    Since then, my eyes really opened what kind of people hang around me and it has been much easier to say NO.

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  4. I really related to this article. One thing is that I am now seconds away from my 2nd Saturn Return and I am a different person altogether already!! I don’t put smiley emoticons on emails anymore, or worry that my email wasn’t friendly enough. I used to be the ultimate overprovider and now I barely do any of those things anymore and say “good enough is good enough”. Maybe I’m off subject, but as you get older, your boundaries will become easier. Knowing women older than me, I used to wonder why they said things to people like “If you don’t like what you are looking at, look the other way!!” I would never have said that, I would have cried and cried at the rejection. Now, I am a force to reckon with, ha ha!

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      • How do you feel today with Neptune transiting natal Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces?
        i ask this as one who has a Cazimi of Uranus Sun and Pluto in my Virgo first house and Chiron in Pisces 7th house. The question is an invitation.

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      • The most profound thing that has happened since this all began is that I feel as if the rose-colored glasses I’ve been wearing for much of my life finally came off. I’ve been seeing people for what they are and not trying to see the best in everyone. It’s been liberating. I expect this new reality to be even more evident now that Neptune is direct and about to form an exact trine with itself.


  5. I cab tell you and I were born very close close to each other if not the same date. Thank you. This is the exact self reflection and transformation I’ve been going through. Coming across this today is no accident.

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