Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto by Caravaggio (source: Arts Viewer)

Yesterday, I promised to follow up on my discussion of the approaching Neptune aspects that will define my horoscope (and the horoscopes of my generation) for the next several months.

The first aspect to occur in my chart will be the opposition of transiting Neptune to my natal Pluto. Astrodienst offers the following interpretation:

This influence signifies encounters that cause various aspects of your life to be transformed. Most commonly, this transformation will take the form of disappearances of persons, circumstances or even possessions that you have become used to. You will also encounter forces that try to reveal aspects of your life that you have long kept hidden from yourself. Initially you will probably resist these revelations, believing that they cannot teach you anything very constructive. An influence like this often reveals aspects of ourselves that we have been taught to consider evil or at least negative. These aspects are often a source of positive energy, but because we refuse to acknowledge them, that energy is wasted and is usually out of our control. There will be much psychological compulsiveness at this time, but the less you resist facing yourself, the less difficulty you will have.

On another level you will be shown a spiritual dimension of your existence that can immensely broaden your life and experience, if you are willing to look at it. This dimension may seem so far beyond your ordinary life that you will consider it impossible to accept, but this knowledge is necessary for your growth.

On a practical level, avoid taking at face value any new encounters with persons or circumstances. Even when persons are not trying to deceive you, they may do so unintentionally, because you won’t immediately understand what they are really showing you. Until you have arrived at this level of understanding, simply adopt a waiting attitude and commit yourself to as little as possible.

I suppose that it’s no coincidence that I’m writing about this aspect on a day when Brexit is officially underway, and Donald Trump is about to be let off the hook in his impeachment trial by a Republican-led Senate that has decided to abdicate its responsibility to conduct oversight of the President’s misdeeds.

I have lost faith in these institutions, but that’s not the only big news. Over and over again, I keep reading the same phrase in the media: history will not be kind to the politicians who have participated in these power plays. What I’ve realized is that people who have no souls don’t care about how history will treat them.

I’ve tried to suppress my antipathy toward selfish people my entire life, thinking that they were actually redeemable. I was brought up to believe that redemption was always possible, like a lot of people who were born into this Judeo-Christian-influenced culture. However, as the passage above notes, an “influence like this often reveals aspects of ourselves that we have been taught to consider evil or at least negative.”

I no longer believe that it is “evil” to believe that there are soulless, irredeemable people in the world. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to go off on some crusade to rid the world of them, but it does mean that I’m not going to give them any more of my time, any more of my energy, the benefit of the doubt, etc. I’m finally beginning to understand that they’re already burning in their own figurative hell. Just imagine what it’s like to be completely satisfied with being completely self-interested. Imagine what it’s like to believe that there is not goodness in anyone but yourself. Imagine what it’s like to believe that it’s okay to be Donald J. Trump.

So, if that’s the transformation/revelation that this aspect has brought to my life, I can take it. If I can break free from the idea that I need to set an example that they might follow, I can learn to be satisfied with the example I set for people who would actually follow my lead.

I wonder if others undergoing this once-in-a-lifetime transit are feeling the same way? Let me know in the comments section . . .

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