Mj Rodriguez (source: GQ)

January 7 is Mj Rodriguez’s birthday.

I started watching “Pose” for a couple of reasons. First of all, I like some of Ryan Murphy’s TV shows. Secondly, I was a fan of the ballroom scene before Mj Rodriguez was even born. In the late eighties, I’d spend my weekends on the dance floor of nightclubs where people would actually Vogue with abandon.

However, I stopped watching “Pose” halfway through its second season for the same reason I stopped watching a few other Ryan Murphy shows: because it was a little too maudlin for me. Give me “Scream Queens” instead of “Glee.” I’m just not the sappy type.

Nevertheless, I watched the series long enough to appreciate the brilliance of Mj Rodriguez. I know that everyone is currently on the Billy Porter train (and I like the guy, too), but Mj Rodriguez is truly the star of the show. For that reason, it wasn’t that surprising to discover that she is a Capricorn. Nor was it a surprise to learn that she shares the same sun/Mercury/Venus combination that is a hallmark of my natal chart and the charts of so many people that I truly admire, including Justin Trudeau, Jared Leto, LeBron James, Ricky Martin, Wilson Cruz and Noomi Rapace.

So, I’d like to welcome her to my exclusive club. I’m going to have to come up with a secret handshake or something so that when we see each other in public, we can let each other know who we are — besides just being the best-looking people in the room, I mean  . . .

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