Jared Leto (source: Variety)

December 26 is Jared Leto’s birthday.

No other living celebrity has more in common with me astrologically than Jared Leto. We share the same sun, Mercury and Venus signs, as well as a Libra ascendant.

Nevertheless, there are some major differences in our charts. His sun is very close to an exact opposition with my natal moon. His natal moon is opposite my ascending degree by less than two degrees. My natal Jupiter sits opposite his natal Jupiter by two degrees, too.

The biggest difference in our charts, however, is the house placement of our natal suns (using the Placidus system). Mine is in the third house and his in the fourth house.

I’m always going on and on about how I prefer to use Placidus houses because I cannot imagine myself possessing a fourth-house sun. I just had three days off work in a row, and even though I left my house a few times, all I can think of today is getting out of here. Even with my Cancer moon, I’m hardly a homebody.

But I digress! I’m supposed to be discussing Jared Leto. It is interesting that he has become a muse for Gucci designer Alessandro Michele. There is barely anything about Gucci that resonates with me at the moment. There is also nothing about Jared Leto’s signature style that vibes with me, either. I would attribute that to another chart factor: our Venus placements.

My Venus in Aquarius is in the fourth house. Jared Leto’s is in the fifth house, which makes him into a much bigger showboat than me. Gucci, as it is under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, screams “Look at me! I’m so weird!” Don’t get me wrong — I like Jared Leto and I like the way he dresses. Still, he often looks as if he’s trying way too hard to be noticeable. Gucci in general strikes me as a brand for people who try too hard to look like they aren’t trying at all. There’s no single style that is more offensive to my fashion sensibilities than contrived nonchalance.

Oh well! At least I still have Tom Ford. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check out the Boxing Day sales and dream of clothes that I still can’t afford when they’re marked down by half . . .

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